January, February, March 2017

It’s been a busy 2017 so far for the Marigold Chain.

We have started a new business, helped 12 school children with their education fees, bought science materials and built a stadium!

We couldn’t have done it without your help.

Thank you

A big part of our ethos is to help young people start small businesses to help them stay in Nepal and not feel pressured to leave their homes for employment in the Middle East. So after careful consideration a buffalo was purchased for two young adults, brothers from a lower caste. They currently work for a farmer attending to his crops during planting and harvest time but have little funds to start a business. The buffalo will provide milk to be sold to the nearby milk factory. This will give their family a small daily salary and after eight months they’ll have saved enough to buy another buffalo to carry on with the business. There is a milk shortage in Pokhara so we are hopeful this will be a healthy success.


We strive to help the communities in Lwang Ghalel. Festivals, celebrations, dancing and competitions all play an important part in Nepal’s culture. Sadly as many families migrate to Pokhara or leave to work in the Middle East the village population dwindles. It is important to keep the communities together for without local help the much needed farming industry would dissolve. The Marigold Chain recently contributed towards a stadium in Ghalel, which is now a focal point in the village. To showcase the New Year festival the stage was used for the five day party, and villagers from the region took part in dancing, singing and enjoying a volleyball tournament to welcome in 2017. In the future this will be used for presentations, training, medical gatherings, as well as celebrations.


Teenagers in Grade 10, aged 16 – 17 have to study hard for their end of middle school exams, for three months the pupils live in a hostel provided by the school, here they take extra classes in preparation for their exams. The school charges the parents 30,000NPR, £222 for this service. It is a struggle for most parents to find this money especially as some families only earn £1 per day. If they can’t raise these funds, the parents are forced to take drastic measures; to sell land, take a bank loan or the child is forced to leave school. The Marigold Chain sponsored seven children from two schools so they could complete their studies and take the Grade 10 exam. Best of luck guys.



Ghalel Middle School, is requested by the education authorities to teach its pupils science, but the Government doesn’t have the funds for equipment. Imagine that, learning science without any experiments!   We bought the school science materials and lockable cabinet. We hope science will now be more interesting and much more fun.

Lumre Junior School is a wonderful school with really positive teachers. The school needs to ask the parents to contribute £1 a month towards school fees as the Government can only provide a small amount of funding.  Often schools depend on charities donating equipment but sometimes they send unusable items without speaking to the school. One charity sent a box of books including four copies of the ‘Life of Bill Clinton’ to this junior school. Yes this is really true! The Marigold Chain offered to pay the annual fee for five children from impoverished families. We hope the school can use some of the money to buy suitable reading books for its little ones to enjoy.

And now to future projects….

  • Over the next few months we will be helping Kalimati village transport their buffalo milk each day to Pokhara market. Kalimati is a small village home to buffalo farmers located high in the hills. We hope we can provide them with a motorbike, a chilling machine and milk cans so they can start a cooperative milking business. The cost of this project is £1,800.
  • Due to the landscape there are very few areas we can help develop into profitable businesses but we know local farmers can earn money from selling buffalo milk in Pokhara. The cost of a lactating buffalo is £700.

Making kits in Australia. The Days for Girls team in Toowoomba.

  • Linking up with Australia’s Days for Girls Toowoomba QLD we hope to offer 250 girls washable menstruation kits. This incredible team from Australia is now speedily sewing to make and pack the kits ready for Nepal next month. We aim to distribute them to the girls along with invaluable training from local healthcare workers. Each kit costs £2.


If you would like to make a donation towards any of these projects please click donate or contact hello@marigoldchain.co.uk for bank details.

Thank you for your support.

Warm wishes from the Marigold Team.