Nepal Earthquake: 28-April-2015

Today Ram Gurung, our representative, visited Pokhara Hospital to see Mr Dhan Kafle, a village resident from Ghalel. He was badly injured by the earthquake. Your donation was able to pay his hospital bill and buy medical supplies. He’s also been given money to support himself during his recovery. He was overwhelmed by the donation and very touched that strangers from abroad had offered help.

Your donation money is on its way to Nepal to pay for the 60 homes to be rebuilt in the Lwang Ghalel area. However it is currently unsafe to start the works as the tremors are still being felt. The residents are carefully gathering the fallen stones and bricks but it is laborious and treacherous especially as many buildings have been weakened and could crumble at any time. Families continue to sleep outside in makeshift tents.

However, the community spirit is alive and unbroken, neighbours are looking out for each other and sharing what they have.

Tomorrow is a big day for our Ram and the Committee Members who will inspect the damaged houses and make plans of how to move forward with the donation money.

Thank you once more for all your support. Your generosity has been overwhelming.