Nepal Earthquake: 29-April-2015

Today Ram and other members of the district Management Committee have been visiting more of the villages in the foothills of the Himalayas. Many homes are simply built made of stones with a mud mortar, and these walls have just disintegrated. Ram and the team are visiting each home distributing our donated money to the villagers in need. When it is safe they can start repairs. The rebuilding has been hampered by continuing tremors and the fear another quake is imminent. Most residents are farmers on low incomes, some earning as little as £2 a day, without your donation their situation would be impossible. They were so surprised to see Ram offering international support. Some cried with relief and others were too shocked to speak. We are proud to be able offer immediate help especially as some international charities have been unable to get aid through with some only just mobilising.

We are doing remarkable work now, and really making a difference thanks to you and your donations.

Please keep spreading our news. And we will continue to help those who need it most.

Thank you.