Nepal Earthquake:14-June-2015

It has been a few weeks since an update has beeb posted. We have been informed that aid is now reaching most of the  remote villages and the government has started distributing money to the earthquake victims.

It has taken a long time for them to get this organised. The government is giving 5000NPR/ £35 to the victims whose homes have been damaged or destroyed. This is something Ram accomplished in the villages of Lwang Ghalel, five weeks before.

Shortly after the first earthquake Ram and Shirish visited a village in Dhading. Almost the whole area had been destroyed and no one was sure if the government aid was ever going to arrive. All the homes there required a total rebuild. After an inspection and discussions with the village chief, Ram and Shirish had arranged for 19 roofs to be delivered so the residents could rebuild their properties. The tin roofs arrived after only two weeks and the villagers then started working, helping each other and working as a team. It was important the shelters were completed before rainy season began. On their recent return Ram and Shirish were warmly welcomed by the villagers with flowers and tikka. Ram had promised each family a further 5000NPR/£35 to pay towards extra building materials such as windows and doors and this money was given to the villagers as you can see in the photos. Over the past few weeks we have decided to temporarily hold off with our work. The government is now in full swing helping villages and individuals. Sadly we predict that many areas will be missed so our help will still be needed.

In a few weeks Ram and Shirish will be touring the villages and continue with their work, offering help and support to the villages which have been forgotten.

Thank you for your continued support.