Nepal Earthquake:17-May-2015

Our campaign has taken another unexpected turn. This week my husband, Pasha travelled from London to Kathmandu to visit his friends and show support. When he got to Kathmandu airport he was horrified to see first hand the donated aid neatly piled up on the on the tarmac which included stacks of food, rice, medical supplies, tents and goodness knows what else all urgently needed by Nepal’s people. No doubt all paid for by international campaigns and now tragically rotting away on the concourse. On arrival in the city he was further shocked to see the living conditions that so many people are having to endure. Everybody is still sleeping outside yet there aren’t enough tents to go around. Goodness knows why desperately needed supplies are sitting at the airport? At night families are squashed together in large communal tents or under basic sheeting and after nearly three weeks the women especially are finding it tough having to live like this.

There are no tents left to buy and all of the trekking shops are closed.
 On learning this, we took the decision to buy 20 basic tents with our funding money. These tents only cost £18 each and on Wednesday we arranged for Ram to send them by bus from Pokhara. Balram, our friend in Kathmandu distributed them to the locals who he knew needed help.

We’ll be sending a further 20 tomorrow from Pokhara to Kathmandu. Our campaign remit originally was to help the villages but we can’t stand by and let people sleep in these dreadful conditions. There’s been aftershocks all week and everyone is still too scared to sleep indoors.
 So the millions of pounds raised for aid is pouring towards Nepal but the aid is not reaching its people. It is through the thousands we have raised that we are able to make a rapid difference.

Thank you to Ram Gurung and his team. And thank you again for your donations.


Below are pictures from Kathmandu and Balram Lama distributing the tents to local residents.