Nepal Earthquake:25-April-2016

It is a year today since the terrible earthquake hit Nepal.

Lives were lost and homes destroyed but with your help we raised a massive
£12,000. We couldn’t have done it without you.

Thank you again for all your donations.

As you may remember Ram, our man on the ground, and his team were able to offer immediate support. They helped over 50 families in the villages of Lwang Ghalel near Pokhara and then travelled further afield to the villages of Tanglichowk, Bhumlichowk and Dhading located near the epicentre where homes had been wiped out. Ram and his team made inspections and returned later in jeeps packed with food, clothing and building materials. With the help of the villagers, on foot they carried the supplies for three hours and crossed rivers by hand-pulled cable cars to drop off the aid that your money bought.

We rebuilt lives and did it with your money. Thank you.

Our next assignment close to Ram’s home was to rebuild the library at Ghalel School. The building had been damaged and declared unsafe by Government officials although interestingly there was still no Government funding available. Ram and the teachers hired skilled workers and labourers, and bought the materials now at inflated prices! The children’s library is now finished and it’s been declared safe and fit for purpose.

A year on, our final project has just ended and using the surplus donated money we have just bought 85 school uniforms for children in the Lwang Ghalel area. They are for underprivileged families most of them from homes affected by the earthquake. Ram and teachers from the local schools handed them out to the children and parents last Sunday. Our work was mentioned in the local press and everyone was happy, sending messages of thanks to you all.

So a year on, our project is now completed. 100% of the money has now been sent to Nepal. Our work with your donation has been a great achievement. Thank you for your kind thoughts, prayers and money.