November – December 2016

A continued thank you to everyone who has kept donating to Help Nepal’s villages.

Our campaign began in April 2015 just after the devastating earthquake and we raised £12,000. With your help we were able to provide relief and support to over eight villages. We thought our work had completed but your generous donations kept coming in.

Recently we revisited Bhumlichok and Kampot, villages that had been totally wiped out last year located near the epicentre. These villages are poor, home mostly to farmers earning sometimes less than £1 per day. Through donations and help from the Government their homes have been rebuilt but they’re uninsulated, many built with a visible gap between the new roof sheeting and new walls. The village social worker asked if we could offer further help as the families are cold in winter and requested a blanket for each home. With your donation we bought 100 warm blankets, woolly hats and also returned along with donated clothes from our Nepalese friends.


In Kampot the earthquake had left the village with a damaged water pipe leaving the residents no option but to walk to the nearest village to collect water every night, exhausting work for farmers needing water not just for themselves but their crops too. Upon learning this Ram and his team set to work, promising to return. A week later armed with pipes, pumps, electric cables and a tap, Ram, Pasha and the villagers managed to connect the village to the well 300 metres down a steep hill. The villagers next awaited a delivery of sand and cement to build a water station and finish the job. Ram and his team  later returned with donated clothes and to a delighted village now with running water from a water station.
We couldn’t have done this without your help.  Your donations have given running water to a village. There’s no greater Christmas gift.  Thank you so much.



Wishing you all a Happy 2017. Rachel, Ram and the Marigold team.