Meet the team

The Marigold Chain was set up by three friends each with a passion for Nepal.




Rachel Russell is an English teacher living in Derby with her Nepalese husband. In 2009 she taught English at a Ghalel School in Lwang Ghalel and whilst she was there she fell in love with the country and its people. She has been back many times with her husband, friends and colleagues to work at the schools and help the villagers.





Helen Whitfield lives and works in Cardiff and has travelled extensively in Asia. She currently works for Cardiff University and has been involved in charity fundraising for many years. She also actively supports several other charities.






Sarah Bland has worked in travel, advising and planning tours for 25 years. Very special times were spent in Nepal; experiencing the physical drama of the scenery and hospitality while trekking solo and leaving a lasting respect for the country.





Ram Gurung is our Nepal coordinator and a most valuable member of our team.  Born in Ghalel village in Lwang Ghalel, Ram is the director and owner of Pokhara Cayonning employing up to 12 local staff.  A committed community and social worker, Ram is always eager to assist the residents in Lwang Ghalel. After the 2015 earthquake Ram worked tirelessly helping villagers and communities in Lwang Ghalel and afar whose homes had been destroyed.



The trustees have a huge support network of friends and business contacts who have supported them over the years. In 2015 the devastating earthquake hit Nepal on 25 April and they started a crowd funding campaign to urgently help villagers who had lost their homes. Through our efforts and the generosity of supporters over £11,000 was raised and the team on the ground was able to help eight villages.

Take a look at our campaign 2015 Help Nepal’s Villages