Where is Lwang Ghalel?


Lwang Ghalel is located in the Western foothills of the Himalaya West Nepal located two hours by jeep from Pokhara, Nepal’s second city. It is part of the Annapurna region but away from the main tourist trail.

This rural area covers 151 square miles with a population of 4650. The district includes 10 Government Schools and 21 villages; Khoramukh, Edikhola, Lwang , Nayapool, Sankhu, Syu, Thati, Lumre, Koleli, Kuibang, Chitreswara, Saitighatta, Emu, Tokro, Prumdhu, Siding, Nagi, Bhimjung, Kalimati, Ghalel and Keshbang. The main industry is farming with most families being very poor earning less than £1 per day, due to this many have little choice but to leave their families and work in the Middle East.