Assisting the village schools and teachers

Offering assistance with teacher training, purchasing and building physical repairs.


Helping schools


We work alongside the Nepalese Government school curriculum and offer assistance by providing equipment as required and teacher training where possible. We can cover small purchases for example white boards, markers and sports equipment. Larger projects take measured planning but are possible. Our experience has already included building a school library, extra classrooms, kindergarten, refitting roofs, paving the dusty school playgrounds, installing electricity and wifi.



We work alongside a Nepalese teacher training company to train a village teacher for the benefit of the local school. This training includes learning updated teaching methods, how to incorporate visual aids, use materials, how to encourage students and importantly to educate the children how to problem solve. The Marigold Chain also demonstrates how to use the new equipment we provide to the schools and how to incorporate this equipment into the lesson time.

What else we do